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Education as it is, was, and should be

Education Matters

It’s Time to Stop Tinkering in Education

The anti-public education storm that was Betsy DeVos is finally on the way out. But another storm is coming. The anti-public education movement continues to be strong. Pro-charter and pro-voucher advocates aren’t disappearing just because DeVos is out. The new Secretary of Education has the opportunity to change the countries’ direction now. Here’s what IContinue reading “It’s Time to Stop Tinkering in Education”

Charters 101

Charter schools are perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of education in the United States. It isn’t surprising. Charter schools are public schools that act like private schools. They are operated by independent organizations which may be but are not necessarily for-profit. The original idea behind charters was to reduce some of the trappingsContinue reading “Charters 101”

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