More tests? How about more History?

If you were ever unsure about the importance of history and civics in our curriculum, you can turn to the undemocratic behavior of the last four years culminating in an unlawful breach of the capitol that required evacuation of Congress on January 6th. The protestors didn’t seem aware that Vice President Pence did not haveContinue reading “More tests? How about more History?”

DeVos on Education: Her Greatest Hits

Two weeks before the end of the Trump administration, Betsy DeVos, the highly unqualified billionaire Secretary of Education for the past 4 years, finally resigned. She cited recent violence at the Capitol and Trump’s role in it as the reason for her resignation. She also suggested that the president’s behavior was not a good roleContinue reading “DeVos on Education: Her Greatest Hits”

The wrong answer to the right question.

For decades there has been a large push to add diversity to STEM careers, specifically to push girls into STEM (and when policymakers talk about STEM, they really just mean E for engineering). STEM fields and specifically engineering and computer science are largely dominated by men. According to the report Women in STEM Workforce Industries,Continue reading “The wrong answer to the right question.”

$2 Billion Too Late

Last week Governor Newsom announced a $2 billion plan to return elementary students to in-person instruction beginning in mid-February of 2021. His plan includes extensive testing requirements for students and teachers and state approved safety plans. He argued that the money is consistent with his administration’s plan that began last July which has allowed waiversContinue reading “$2 Billion Too Late”

Charter schools: the IRB Unapproved Government Paid for Experiment

The infamous Stanford prison experiment which was conducted in 1971 to gain insight into the psychology of prison life would never be approved by IRB (Institutional Review Board) today. Nor would electric shock treatments to cure schizophrenia. . The IRB exists to apply research ethics to ongoing research whether it is for a vaccine orContinue reading “Charter schools: the IRB Unapproved Government Paid for Experiment”

Life isn’t fair…but school should be.

Life isn’t fair. Not everyone is born into resourced households. Not every child is wanted. Not everyone has loving parents. Some kids have parents who are college professors and others’ parents are gardeners. While neither one is inherently better, the children of the college professors enter the world with more social capital (inherited) to navigateContinue reading “Life isn’t fair…but school should be.”